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Raspberry Pi to Arduino MKR bridge HAT

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Code: TPX00068   /   Barcode: 676424951176

The PiMKRHAT is an adaptor to use Arduino MKR boards and shields together with the Raspberry Pi!


Note: This item is a kit which requires assembly and soldering.

Different Arduino MKR Shields can be used via our HAT as an extension for the Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, Arduino offers different Arduino boards for different IoT networks like Sigfox, Lora, NB-IOT.

These boards can be used as a modem via the serial interface of the Raspberry Pi as an extension to communicate with these wireless standards.

Compatible Arduino MKR Boards:
Arduino MKR Zero
Arduino MKR WIFI 1010
Arduino MKR NB 1500 (NB-IoT)
Arduino MKR FOX 1200 (Sigfox)
Arduino MKR WAN 1310 (Lora)
Arduino MKR GSM 1400 (3G)

Compatible Arduino MKR Shields:
MKR 485 Shield (RS485 Interface)
MKR CAN Shield (CAN BUS Interface)
MKR ENV Shield (environment sensors)
MKR THERM Shield (thermocouple interface)
MKR RGB Shield (RGB LED Matrix)

Note: Raspberry Pi, MKR boards and shields not included.

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