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  • €22,80

    The Nano Every is Arduino’s 5V compatible board in the smallest available form factor: 45x18mm! The Arduino Nano is the preferred board for many projects requiring a small and easy to use microcontroller board. One example is low cost robotics, where the Nano is broadly used. If you are in the s...

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  • €60,00

    The Portenta H7 Lite is a cost-effective solution, designed for complex environments where radio communication is not suitable or possible. It is perfect for developers who want to leverage the computational power of the Portenta H7, without the need for video output or advanced security features...

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  • €59,00

    The Nicla Sense ME is a tiny, low-power tool that sets a new standard for intelligent sensing solutions. With the simplicity of integration and scalability of the Arduino ecosystem, the board combines four state-of-the-art sensors from Bosch Sensortec: BHI260AP motion sensor system with integr...

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  • €82,00

    The Portenta H7 Lite Connected is designed to provide the computational power of the Portenta H7 for AI applications and low-latency control solutions, with a module that is made more cost-effective by removing the high-resolution video interface feature. It fills the gap between the full H7 and...

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