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IoT Air Quality Checker Bundle

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Would you like to know the quality of the air around you? Let's build this IoT Air Quality checker!



Do you ever worry about the air quality at home or in your DIY lab in the middle of 3d printers, saw, cnc and lasercutter? 
The long-lasting DIY air quality station is coming to town! Build it, put it in your favourite place, your home, your lab, and start sensing!
Add your creativity to add a nice 3d printed enclosure and get real time updates using our Arduino IoT Cloud.
Share your dashboard with other friends and create a distributed air quality stations!
Now you can also view it with our great IoT Remote App for your smartphone, IoS and Android.
Take a look here!
With this kit you can measure and detect:

  • dust concentration (PM)
  • carbon monoxide, 
  • alcohol
  • acetone 
  • paint thinner
  • formaldehyde 

and other slightly toxic gases.

Start today!  Follow the step-by-step guide on Project Hub!
Don't forget to share your project on our project hub!

Tech specs

The bundle contains:

1 x Arduino MKR Wifi 1010
1 x Arduino MKR Connector Carrier, used to connect easily to the Arduino board any of the hundreds of Grove modules
1 x Grove Air Quality Sensor, that can detect carbon monoxide, alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, formaldehyde and other slightly toxic gases (connected to A0 port)
1 x Grove Dust Sensor, able to detect not only cigarette smoke but also house dust which are indoor asthma triggers (connected to D0 port)
1 x Grove OLED display, used to show all the values retrieved from the sensors, and other info (connected to TWI port)


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