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Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer & Compass v2.0

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Code: C000135   /   Barcode: 101020081

The Grove –6-Axis Accelerometer & Compass V2.0 is a 3-axis accelerometer combined with a 3-axis magnetic sensor.



It is based on the sensor module LSM303D which has a selectable linear acceleration scale range of ±2 / ±4 / ±8 / ±16 g and a selectable magnetic field scale range of ±2 /±4 / ±8 / ±12 gauss. Booth these scales are what are referred to a “full” scale. The magnetic sensor and the accelerometer can be powered down separately to reduce power consumption. An Arduino-board gets the data via an I2C interface using modules custom library.

Tech specs

  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • I2C Interface and selectable SPI Interface
  • Measuring scale selectable
  • 6D orientation detection
  • 2 independent programmable interrupt generators
  • Power-down mode
  • SPI Interface
  • I2C or SPI select pad(default is I2C), if want to use SPI, disconnect this pad
  • Interrupt digital output
  • Address select pad, default connected b and a address is 0x1E, if connect b and c address is 0x1D, if want to use SPI, disconnect this pad to either side.

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