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Arduino Plant Watering Kit

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Perfect for plant lovers, busy people, makers of all ages and anyone curious to take their first step in home automation.


The Arduino Plant Watering Kit is easy to put together, intuitive to use, and open to infinite combinations with other Arduino products to create more complex and advanced projects. Check here the step-by-step tutorial.

This kit contains all you need to build your first Cloud-connected plant watering system.
The first step for new makers to explore home automation. 

With the components included in this kit in combination with the Arduino IoT Cloud, you can:

  • Monitor and keep a log of the level of moisture in the soil of your plant.
  • Control remotely the amount of water with your browser or mobile phone app.
  • Create and modify schedules for watering your plant.

With just a screwdriver and wire cutters, no soldering needed, you can have in less than an hour a watering system to help your plants survive when you are away from home. 

Additionally, if you want to build a plastic enclosure for your own plant watering system, you can download the 3D printing files here.

Tech specs

This kit includes:

  • 1 Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect (ABX00053)
  • 1 Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Adapter (ASX00037)
  • 1 Open-ended USB cable
  • 1 5V submersible pump
  • 1 meter of plastic hose
  • 1 Grove moisture sensor
  • 1 Grove relay module with cable
  • 1 Grove LED button module with cable
  • 1 Grove cables 50 cm
  • 10 Jumper wires (15 cm)
  • 12 Screw connectors

Get Inspired


Where can I find the step by step guide to build the plant watering system?

The step by step guide can be found in

Where can I download the 3D printing files for the enclosure mentioned in the documentation?

The 3D printing files can be downloaded here.

Do I need to pay for the Arduino IoT Cloud subscription to use with the Plant Watering Kit?

No, you don’t need to pay for a subscription to build the project included in this kit. However, in case you want to expand your plant watering system, we suggest you review the different possibilities and plans for the Arduino IoT Cloud.

Do I need extra tools to finish this project?

Yes, you will need a screwdriver (Flat tipped <3 mm wide) and wire cutters to build the project. Additionally, in case you want to power the project through a wall power outlet you will need a 5V USB wall power adapter.