Next generation of 3Dsimo Mini, developed around customer feedback and our experience with years of 3D pen manufacturing. More durable, more powerful, prettier. Handheld workshop that can not only 3D draw, but also solder, burn and cut. 

  • Overview
  • 3Dsimo MultiPro is multifunctional tool that offers 4 basic functions:

    • 3D drawing - using any current and future 3D printing filament (diameter of 1,75mm)
    • Soldering - using soldering attachment you can solder as easily as with any other soldering iron. Changing the soldering tip is easy, just unscrew it.
    • Burning - burning attachment can reach up to 480°C which allows you to burn into leather, wood and more. Also allows you to smoothen 3D printed objects.
    • Resistance wire cutter - using resistance wire you can cut foam materials, plastic boards and even plexiglass. The device can connect using Bluetooth to your smartphone and update the firmware, so your device always stays current. In the future, more attachments will come, such as drill, electric screwdriver, heat gun and more.