Keep your projects running with the spare motors backup exclusively for the Engineering Kit R2!

  • Overview
  • Tech Specs
  • Arduino Engineering Kit R2 contains all the components students need to complete each project, but we know that in the excitement of using the kit, the motors may sometimes burn, break or simply get lost.

    In the Engineering Kit - Motors Backup, you’ll find all the replacement motors students may need to complete their projects. This kit contains motors exclusively for the Arduino Engineering Kit.

    What’s in the kit?
    The Engineering Kit - Motors Backup includes a servo motor, a geared motor with encoder, and a micro DC motor with encoder. Each of these exclusive motors is needed to complete the Arduino Engineering Kit R2 projects.

  • Tech Specs Servo
    Servo Motor GS-9025MG
    Operation voltage range 4.8 - 6V
    Standing torque 2.3 (4.8V)
    Control system Positive PWM control 1500 usec Neutral
    Tech Specs DC motor w/ enc
    DC Motor w/ encoder TRK-370CA-17260-51V-EN
    Operating Voltage 12 V DC
    Stall current 1.85A Ref
    Encoder output pulse 12 PPR
    MicroGeared DC Motor w/ enc
    Micro Geared DC motor w/ encoder GM12-N20VA-08225-100-EN
    Input voltage 3.5 - 16V
    Input current 5 mA
    Encoder output pulse 3 PPR
    Gear ratio 100

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