Hummingbird Duo Controller robot Kit

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Hummingbird Duo Controller robot Kit
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Getting Started
Upgrade your original Hummingbird kit!
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  • Hummingbird Duo Controller Kit contains: one assembled Hummingbird circuit board, USB cable, auxiliary power supply, snap-in standoffs, and terminal tool.

    With the Hummingbird Duo Controller Kit you can:

    • Upgrade an original Hummingbird kit;  all original kit parts work with Duo. 
    • Use our datasheet to guide you as you create your own LEDs, motors, sensors, etc, 
    • Use it as an Arduino with integrated motor/servo and connector shields. 
    • Purchase kit parts a la Carte to use with the Duo controller.

    14+ unsupervised, 8+ with adult supervision

    The Duo controller kit does not come with its own set of Hummingbird Duo kit LEDs, motors, or sensors.
    Purchase the base, premium, or classroom kits for a complete robot-building package.

  • Power supply is 100V-240V compatible.

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