Industruino Proto Kit

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Industruino Proto Kit
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With this product you will be able to permanently install your Arduino application in no-time.
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  • With this product you will be able to permanently install your Arduino application in no-time. Whether you use it for automation projects, data loggers or an interactive art installation, Industruino offers you ruggedness, plenty of features and low cost.

    The Proto kit offers a large prototyping area to add your own circuitry as well as the following features:

    • A 14 pin IDC expansion port to easily connect external modules such as the new Ethernet module or your own pcb/module hosting the same connector.
    • A 2A switching voltage regulator taking any input voltage between 7-28V and generating a stable 5V output for the MCU and your own components.

    The prototyping area is generally used for two purposes:

    • To integrate a one-off Arduino based project into a fully enclosed solution.
    • To prototype a design before making a custom Baseboard for mass production.

    Industruino Proto is sold in form of a kit consisting of a topboard pcb, Proto baseboard pcb, mounting hardware and enclosure with button panel. With these parts it takes only about 3 minutes to assemble your Industruino.


    • DIN-rail mountable Fully enclosed Prototyping area with re-routable connections using jumpers14p IDC expansion port
    • -28V->5V/2A switching voltage regulator.
    • All I/O and power available through detachable screw connectors
    • Enclosure made from biodegradable polymer
    • 128x64 pixels LCD with backlight
    • 3 button membrane panel 
    • Pre-loaded with interactive LCD menu firmware (code examples available for download below)
    • Fully compatible wit
    • D13 (32u4) / D26 (1286)
    • Atmega 32u4 or AT90USB1286 microcontroller
    • Operating Voltage 5V
    • Supply Voltage: 7-28V
    • Digital I/O Pins: 17
    • PWM Channels: 6 (32u4 model) / 4 (1286 model)
    • Analog Input Channels: 7, off which 6 are shared with digital I/O pins (32u4) / 5 (1286).
    • DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA
    • DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA
    • Flash Memory 32 KB (32u4) / 128KB (1286).
    • SRAM 2.5 KB
    • EEPROM 1 KB
    • Clock Speed 16 MHz
    • U8G library compatible LC
    • 3 button membrane panel connected to analog input A5 on 32u4 / D23-D25 on 1286 models.
    • LCD backlight PWM controlled using output D13 (32u4) / D26 (1286)