RGB Smart LED 24 pixels ring

Code: WTP-WS2812B-RGB-24LED
RGB Smart LED 24 pixels ring
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Smart pixels make the world go round! Sparkle with this ultra-bright RGB LED rings! Neopixel Compatible!
  • Overview
  • Tech Specs
  • Let your sparkle out with these ultra bright smart LED pixels arranged in circles. Each LED is addressable individually, and you can also connect rings together. 

    You can choose among different ring sizes:

    8 LEDs (32mm);
    12 LEDs (52mm);
    16 LEDs (72mm);
    24 LEDs (92mm);
    32 LEDs (112mm).

    You must use a 5V DC power supply to power these strips, do not use a voltage higher than 6V or you can permanently damage the entire ring!

    These rings are compatible with Adafruit's Neopixels library.

  • 24 Pixels ring tech specs:

    • DC 5V
    • IC type WS2812B
    • LED chip type: 5050SMD
    • Operation temperature: ~40-85 degrees Celsius
    • Storage temperature: ~40-85 degrees Celsius
    • Luminous flux: 20-22 lumen
    • Outer diameter: 92mm