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ArduiBox MKR Standard with transparent lid

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The ArduiBox MKR is an enclosure set for the Arduino MKR series.


At the heart of the enclosure is an additional PCB with an integrated voltage regulator (soldering required) and prototyping area.
This PCB comes with slots for the Arduino MKR or Portenta H7 board, an MKR Shield and an additional MKR Ethernet shield. It fits in a 6 module DIN rail enclosure.

Note: Assembly and soldering required, please refer to the assembly instructions.


  • Milled 6 module DIN rail enclosure
  • Transparent or grey lid in the top for displays
  • PCB with slots to plug a Arduino MKR Zero / 1000 / 1200 / 1300 / 1400 / 1500 module or Portenta H7
  • Slot for additional MKR Shields (e.g. MKR RS485, MKR CAN, MKR THERM...)
  • Exclusive slot for the MKR ETH Ethernet shield
  • Integrated voltage regulator (input voltage 9-35V via 2-way terminal block)
  • Protoboard for own circuits
  • All GPIO pins are marked and placed beside the breadboard area
  • 2x 3 way terminal blocks to connect external components to the breadboard

    *The boards and shields in the pictures are not included.

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