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Arduino Plug and Make Kit

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Go from zero to tech hero! The Plug and Make Kit is the perfect beginner-friendly way to spark a new passion for DIY electronics and get your first taste of technology. Designed to offer you cutting-edge hardware, intuitive software and powerful Cloud technology, this kit makes it incredibly easy to get started. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned maker, join us and let’s create something amazing together!


Plug and Make Kit is the easiest way to get started with Arduino. It includes everything you need for your very first seven projects – as well as many more that our community shares and you can invent yourself! 

Start from the one that sparks your interest, and keep exploring to define your own tech journey:

  • Weather Report: Never get caught in the rain again, with a visual reminder to take an umbrella when needed
  • Hourglass: Who needs an egg timer? Customize your own digital hourglass
  • Eco Watch: Make sure your plants thrive in the perfect temperature and humidity
  • Game Controller: Level up with your very own HID (Human Interface Device) gamepad
  • Sonic Synth: Get one step closer to being a rockstar, DJ or sound engineer!
  • Smart Lights: Set the mood with your very own smart lamp
  • Touchless Lamp: Control lights with a simple gesture

Each idea is inspiration for a fun activity that will not only teach you the basics of do-it-yourself electronics but leave you with a great sense of accomplishment. You can make technology too! 

Make it in a snap, control it via the app!

Once you’ve built your device following our clear step-by-step tutorials, you’ll find all the resources and support you may need via Arduino Cloud – including: 

  • A dedicated content platform in multiple languages (Italian and English available; French, German and Spanish coming soon!)
  • Free and easy-to-use programming tools
  • A smartphone app to monitor and control IoT devices
  • Readily available Arduino Cloud templates (pre-configured projects) to get up and running in minutes
  • Unlimited dashboards to visualize data any way you wish, even on your smartphone

Discover the free online platform

New to Arduino? 

The Plug and Make Kit is perfect for beginners! Our comprehensive, free, multilingual online guide will walk you through the entire Arduino ecosystem. In addition to the seven fully documented projects to spark your creativity, it has detailed instructions on using the innovative Modulino® nodes. It’s a guide designed to make your learning journey smooth and enjoyable, ensuring you can dive into making with confidence.

What’s in the box?

The Arduino Plug and Make Kit is based on an innovative hardware approach: components just connect together – no breadboard, jumper wires or soldering needed.
Inside the box, you will find:

  • The cutting-edge Arduino UNO R4 WiFi main board: The powerhouse of your projects.
  • 7 Modulino® nodes: Sensors and actuators for different functionalities (see details below)
  • The Modulino Base to keep your projects looking and feeling neat.
  • USB-C® cable with USB-A adapter: Easily power up and upload code to your Arduino.
  • Qwiic cables: Effortlessly connect Modulino® nodes and the Arduino board.
  • Spacers, screws, and nuts: Secure everything in place for a permanent installation.

The Plug and Make Kit has been designed to be easy, quick and fun. We’ve taken care of the complexity, so you can turn your ideas into fully operational devices even in a single session. Start a new hobby, or perhaps a lifelong passion, by accessing the full potential of technology – and yours.

What are Modulino®?

Modulino® are sensors and actuators that simply connect via the UNO R4 WiFi’s onboard Qwiic connector. You can connect more than one for more complex projects and never have to wonder which side goes where, because the connector is polarized.
The Plug and Make Kit includes one of each:

  • Modulino® Knob: for super-fine value adjustments
  • Modulino® Pixels: eight LEDs to shine bright, dim down, or change color – you choose!
  • Modulino® Distance: a time-of-flight proximity sensor to measure distances with precision
  • Modulino® Movement: to perfectly capture movements like pitch, roll or tilt
  • Modulino® Buzzer: to generate your own alarm sounds or simple tunes
  • Modulino® Thermo: a sensor for both temperature and humidity data
  • Modulino® Buttons: three buttons for quick project navigation

Tech specs

Kit Name Plug and Make Kit
SKU AKX00069
Board included Arduino® UNO R4 WiFi ABX00087
Modulino® nodes Communications I2C (over QWIIC connector)
Operational voltage 3.3 V
Modulino® nodes included Name SKU Feature component Address
Modulino® Movement ABX00101 LSM6DSOXTR     
0x6A (0x6B)
Modulino® Distance ABX00102 VL53L4CDV0DH/1 0x29
Modulino® Thermo ABX00103 HS3003 0x44
Modulino® Knob ABX00107 PEC11J (STM32C011F4 for I2C communication) 0x76 (address can change via software)
Modulino® Buzzer ABX00108 PKLCS1212E4001-R1 (STM32C011F4 for I2C communication) 0x3C (address can change via software)
Modulino® Pixels ABX00109 8 LC8822-2020 (STM32C011F4 for I2C communication) 0x6C (address can change via software)
Modulino® Buttons ABX00110 3 push buttons plus 3 yellow LEDs (STM32C011F4 for I2C communication) 0x7C (address can change via software)
Other accessories USB-C® cable 1
Qwiic cables 7
Modulino® base 1
Screws M3 (10 mm) 24
Nuts M3 20
Metal spacers 4

Get Inspired


Do I need an Arduino account to access the content and complete the projects?

Yes, an Arduino account is required to access all the content and utilize the Arduino Cloud features. Setting up an account is super quick—just start here!

Where can I find the content?

You can access all the content for the Plug and Make Kit at

Is the content free?

Yes, the content is completely free! All you need to do is create an Arduino account to access the materials and the Arduino Cloud platform.

What is the minimum age to use the Plug and Make Kit?

We recommend that users be 14 years of age or older to comply with our children's privacy protection policy. Learn more about our policy here.

Do I need an Arduino Cloud subscription to complete the projects?

No, you can complete all the projects without a subscription. But if you’re planning to work on more than two projects simultaneously, you might want to check out our Arduino Cloud subscription plans for extra capabilities.

What are the minimum hardware or software requirements?

You’ll need a computer with a USB-C® or USB A port (the kit includes a USB-C® cable with a USB-A adapter). Operating system-wise, you should have Windows 10 or higher, macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher, or Linux® with the dbus package. Also, a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® network is required to connect to the Arduino Cloud for completing projects.

Will I need any additional tools for the kit?

Everything necessary to build the projects is right in the box. However, if you need to tighten screws and nuts securely, we recommend having a Phillips screwdriver on hand, which isn’t included in the kit.

How is the content organised?

Our platform is divided into three main sections:

  • Getting Started: Dive into the Arduino world with an interactive introduction and walkthrough of our web ecosystem.
  • Projects: Tackle seven step-by-step IoT projects, from hardware, to coding to Cloud connectivity everything you need to build a fully functional project.
  • Components: Learn to use the Modulino® nodes individually—perfect for when you’re ready to expand your projects and explore new possibilities.

What cool projects are included in the kit?

  • Smart Light: Create a customizable smart lamp that changes colors and can be controlled remotely.
  • Hourglass: Build a digital timer that uses sound and light to alert you when time is up—perfect for any timing needs.
  • Eco Watch: Monitor your indoor environment with a device that provides real-time feedback on room conditions.
  • Weather Report: Set up your own weather station to fetch forecasts and prepare for the day with real-time weather updates.
  • Game Controller: Design a custom game controller to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Touchless Light: Make a touch-free lamp that adjusts brightness based on your proximity, perfect for setting the mood.
  • Sonic Synth: Experiment with creating music using different sensors to produce unique sounds with your DIY synthesizer.

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