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Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*
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Lift, place, rotate: Give your students a helping hand arm. 

A revolutionary, eco-friendly robotic arm, designed specifically for advanced students.

Arduino Braccio ++ is paving the way for high school and university students to dive into real-world manufacturing techniques. Teach physics concepts, robotics, and manufacturing topics including motions, forces, torque, gear ratio, stability, and weight of payload.

Students can develop real-life example projects and apply knowledge that later on will be useful in the robotic and manufacturing industry.

 Its uses are almost limitless.



Arduino Braccio ++ includes six Arduino RS485 Smart Servo Motors (four SR418D servo motors which control the arm joints, and two SR312 servo motors which control the claw), the Braccio carrier, and the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect. The kit includes four lessons and two projects and is designed for up to three students to use.


Arduino Braccio ++ is using a more sustainable material called Ecoallene, instead of the ABS plastics. EcoAllene is a plastic material obtained from recycled polylaminate found in food cartons. It is made up of a plastic and an aluminum layer and all plastic parts of Braccio ++ are sustainable and 100% recyclable.


Designed to be used in mechatronics, robotics, engineering, electronics, physics, industrial design, and manufacturing classes, as well as any other technical subjects. Aimed at students aged 16+, it helps them prepare for tomorrow's industry through practical, hands-on experience. Give your students an exciting advantage by learning to build, design, and manage industry-related projects.

Limitless and fun options for experimentation

Arduino Braccio ++ offers a multitude of possibilities for learning. It’s fully optimized and can experiment  in several ways using motors capable of doing different fun tasks. 

Get hands-on with real-life industry challenges

Students will learn real-life applications of physical concepts through lifting, placing, and rotating an item - just like robots around different industries. 

Comprehensive learning support

Additionally to the open-source hardware, Arduino Braccio ++  includes a digital content platform with step-by step lessons and projects for a  more in-depth learning experience about different concepts and how the arm works.

Arduino Braccio ++ is here


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