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Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*



  • 1 relay module 5 Vdc 10A (assembled)

    This module is equipped with 1 relay that allows you to activate/deactivate the load connected to it 240V/10A (max). The relay is activated by connecting the positive to 5 volts to the “S” pin.

  • 1.2 K ohm resistor 10x

    Resistor package color and shape may vary slightly from image as our stock rotates.

  • 14.5mm Strip 10 ways 2 pcs

    Pair of 10 pin Female/Male header strips, very useful for board extensions. We use them extensively on Proto Shield PCB, but they are useful in any shield because of their height. Features: Rec...

  • 16x2 LCD display with I²C interface

    Particularly suitable for reducing the number of I/Os required when used with Arduino or other microcontroller, the I²C interface has jumpers to activate the backlight and contrast adjustment which...

  • 20W Adjustable DC-DC Buck Converter with Digital Display

    This is a 20W adjustable DC-DC buck converter module with digital display. It is based on LM2596 3A step-down voltage regulator and supports an input of 0~40V DC with an accuracy of ± 0.05V. On a ...

  • 2MP GC2145 Color DVP Camera Module for Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi Board

    This camera is based on GC2415 Color rolling shutter image sensor. The GC2145 incorporates a 1616V x 1232H active pixel array, on-chip 10-bit ADC, and image signal processor. The 2MP GC2145 camera ...

  • 30 watt stylus soldering iron

    Particularly suitable for making soldering in various applications. Power supply 230 Vac.

  • 3Dsimo MultiPro (4in1)

    3Dsimo MultiPro is multifunctional tool that offers 4 basic functions: 3D drawing - using any current and future 3D printing filament (diameter of 1,75mm) Soldering - using soldering attachme...

  • 4 relay module 5VDC 10A (assembled)

    This module is equipped with 4 relays that allow you to activate/deactivate the load connected to them 240V/10A max. It has optoisolated inputs and status LEDs.

  • 40 colored female-female jumper wires

    Ideal for use with experimental boards! The wires are separable for ease of use.

  • 40 colored male-female jumper wires

    40 separable wires, each 20 cm long, with female 1-pole connector on one end and male 1-pole connector on the other end. Ideal for use with experimental plates.

  • 40 colored male-male jumper wires

    Ideal for use with experimental plates.

  • 4x SP10 probes and test wires

    No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to setup, just positioning the probe needle on any test point or component in the signal path and release.  Saves time and frustra...

  • 5.5 V 1 watt solar panel

    Output voltage: 5.5 V, maximum current: 170 mA, connection: red-black cable with JST connector.

  • 6 volt 3.5 watt solar panel

    This monocrystalline photovoltaic panel is ideal for charging batteries, smartphones, robotics.  

  • A100 Model Kit

    Ideal for Budding architects from age 12 years old to learn all about contemporary architectural design while using advanced building methods and materials. Arckit A100 is the perfect STEM & ST...

  • A200 Model Kit

    The A200 building kit comes with:  200 Arckit pieces (Architectural building blocks).   37 x Reusable Arckitexture decals (including white louvres, light timber, bricks and vegetation).  43 x ...

  • A3 Building Plate

    Product material: cardboard paper Double-sided (green/white) 100% Arckit compatible Plate dimensions: 400x275x3mm  Recommended for age 5+

  • Adafruit Circuit Playground Express or Bluefruit Enclosure

    The enclosure is designed to snap together securely with no tools required. You can still press all the buttons and slide the switch thanks to a clever plastic widget fitted inside. The case winds ...

  • Aluminum and ABS soldering iron pump

    Solder sucker pump made of aluminum and ABS. Length 194 mm, diameter 20 mm. Teflon tip.

  • Arducam 0.3MP OV7675 20-pin DVP Camera Module for Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi

    The Arducam OV7675 camera provides support for resolutions of up to 640x480 pixels, ensuring the capture of clear and sharp images. Its versatile range of features enhances the functionality of you...

  • ArduiBox MKR Standard with transparent lid

    At the heart of the enclosure is an additional PCB with an integrated voltage regulator (soldering required) and prototyping area. This PCB comes with slots for the Arduino MKR or Portenta H7 board...

  • ArduiBox Open Standard with transparent lid

    Do you want to install your Arduino UNO project into a control cabinet? Look no further! The ArduiBox Open DIY kits house an Arduino board and mount it to a DIN rail. The kit comes with a prototypi...

  • Arduino 4 colors

    BIC 4 Colors Pen (Purple, Pink, Green, Light Blue)

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