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Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*
Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*

Arduino Opta Expansion Modules

Seamlessly scale your Opta applications
Opta ext d1608s Opta ext d1608e

Arduino Pro 4G Module

Revolutionize your connectivity experience
EMEA Global

Portenta Mid Carrier

Prototype in zero time!
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Deploy from prototype to mass scale

Easily prototype and scale to production with the Portenta platform GO TO THE PORTENTA FAMILY
PORTENTA X8 Leverage the Arduino environment to carry out real-time tasks while Linux takes care of high-performance processing
Portenta H7 Program it with high-level languages and AI while performing low-latency operations on its customizable hardware
PORTENTA VISION SHIELD ETHRNET A certified solution for embedded ML combining vision, audio and connectivity
PORTENTA MAX CARRIER Easily prototype with the Portenta platform. Deploy in zero time

Arduino's tiniest industrial-oriented modules

Easily deploy low-power AI and machine learning within existing infrastructures go to the nicla family
NICLA SENSE ME Bring sensing and intelligence to the edge, with state-of-the-art Bosch Sensortec technology on our smallest form factor yet
NICLA VISION Analyze and process images right where things happen, with Arduino Pro’s ready-to-use, standalone intelligent camera
NICLA VOICE Leverage sensors that hear what you say, and the Neural Decision Processor that understands what you need

Open technology for Commercial Applications at the Speed of Innovation


Be part of the world’s leading innovation community with over 30 million Arduino users worldwide including thousands of companies.


The latest generation of Arduino solutions brings users simplicity of integration and a scalable, secure, professionally supported service.


Flexibility in deployment and freedom from vendor lock-in, with code which has been proven in-use by millions of users.

Low-power IoT Hardware
Low-power IoT Hardware

32-bit Arm® performance combined with battery management, on-board crypto-authentication and certified comms options.

Smart Cities

Building tomorrow's cities, today: grounded solutions for a sustainable future
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