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CircuitMess Spencer

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DIY voice assistant that teaches you about microcomputers and  electronics, sound processing, IoT, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and speech synthesis!

Follow the instructions here!


Spencer is a DIY voice assistant that talks, lights-up, connects to the internet, and understands simple voice commands.
He also has a funny personality, tells jokes, and finds new ones online.
The LED display on Spencer’s face has a 144-pixel LED grid that can show data, custom icons, animations, and scrolling text


Things you can do with Spencer:

  • Ask about the weather forecast for your area
  • Hear a joke
  • Ask him to sing you a song
  • Set a stopwatch
  • Make Spencer display custom animations
  • Laugh at his corny popular culture references

Talk to Spencer!

Spencer has a microphone and understands what you say (like, REALLY understands).
You can code new functions that will be triggered when you say certain sentences and words.


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