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Gravity: Photoelectric Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino

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Gravity: Photoelectric Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino.


This is a photoelectric water liquid level sensor that operates using optical principles.
The advantages of this photoelectric water liquid level sensor are good sensitivity and no need for mechanical parts - meaning less calibration!
The corrosion resistant probe is easily mounted and can handle high temperature and high pressure.
The arduino liquid sensor is equipped with an interface adapter for compatibility with the DFRobot "Gravity" interface.To ease the difficulty of using this arduino liquid sensor, a Gravity Interface is adapted to allow plug&play.
The Arduino IO expansion shield is the best match for this sensor connecting to Arduino, as this liquid sensor is able to work at 3.3V which makes it compatible with Raspberry Pi, intel edison, joule and curie.

Note: Avoid placing the sensor near bright lights or in direct sunlight as these can cause interference.

Tech specs

  • Operating voltage: 5 VDC
  • Output current: 12 mA
  • Working temperature: - 25 ~ 105 ℃
  • Low level output: < 0.1 V
  • High level output: > 4.6 V
  • Liquid level detection accuracy: ±0.5 mm
  • Material: PC
  • Measuring range: No limit
  • Life: 50,000 hours

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