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Segment Display Kit

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Evaluate the ultra-low-power, thin and flexible Segment E-Paper Displays. Each kit contains different display designs and includes a manual display driver as well as a display driver with I2C interface.



Use our Arduino software library to get up and running in no time.
The Segment Display Kit is the ideal way to get started with our technology.
You will learn that the Ynvisible Segment Displays are thin & flexible, sunlight readable, very easy to operate, and that they are the most energy-efficient display technology on the market for most applications.

Tech specs

Display parameters

White Reflectance 40%
Contrast Ratio (Yb/Yd) 1:3
Thickness 200-300 μm 
Graphical layout Segments
Segment dimensions 1 mm - 100 mm
Response time 100-1000 ms

Power parameters

Driving voltage ±3 V
Driving method Direct drive
Energy consumption 1 mJ/cm^2
Pulse energy 0.25 mJ/cm^2
Bistability time 15 minutes - 24h
Operating conditions -20C - +60C
Activations/Cycles >= 100.000


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