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PCBite kit with 4x SP10 probes and test wires

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The complete solution for holding and measuring your circuit board.


The complete solution for holding and measuring your circuit board.

PCBite is the perfect tool for handling your PCB during the design process. Powerful magnets combined with a stainless steel base plate provide flexibility, mobility and user-friendliness. The holder can easily be relocated to deal with printed circuit boards of different shapes and sizes. The probe is sturdy yet flexible and can be used for immediate measurements or totally hands-free operations with your multimeter or another preferred tool.

It comes with the great PCBite holders, which are very useful to fasten a PCB for soldering, rework or analysis.The metal plate has a mirror finish which helps to see the bottom part of the board you're working on. The probes come with a very precise gold needle tip. The tip contains a spring like a pogo pin, as a result, it keeps an equal amount of pressure on the board and does not move if there are vibrations or if you carefully move the board around.

With each probe, there is also a different needle with a crown tip. This alternative tip is more like a really tiny fork to be placed on small wires and pins. Additionally, there are two pin headers attached to the probe, which makes it very easy to connect them to any kind of equipment.


  • 4× PCBite holder
  • 1× Large Base plate (A4)
  • 4× SP10 probes with pin tipped test needles
  • 4x Extra crown tipped test needles
  • 1x Set of yellow insulation washers
  • 5x Dupont to dupont test wires
  • 2x Banana to dupont test wires
  • 1x Micro fiber cloth

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