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Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*

HM0360 VGA Monochrome DVP Camera Module for Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi Board

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Low light sensitive, ultralow power consumption, simple interface, compatibility with Arduino libraries, suitable for battery-powered and energy-efficient applications.


The camera module is based on HM0360 VGA image sensor, which is an ultralow power, Back Side Illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor designed for energy efficient smart vision applications, such as object-specific classification, tracking, and identification. The VGA resolution is ideal for monitoring, detection and image capture for wide field of view camera devices.
The low consumption camera module is equipped with a 64°(DFOV) stock Lens. It supports 8-bit RAW output format. The standrad operating temperature is between -30~85℃, with the stable Image temp. between 0~50℃.
It is fully compatible with Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi board, a professional-grade microcontroller development board recently launched by Arduino. Seamlessly integrates with our camera module, unlocking versatile image capture and processing capabilities. Harness the power of Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and gain a competitive edge in your projects.


  • Cost-Effective: Affordable solution for implementing visual capabilities in cost-sensitive projects.
  • Compact Size: Compact form factor enables integration into space-constrained applications.
  • Simplify Embedded Vision for All: Easy to set up and operate. Making it possible to add machine vision to your GIGA R1 WiFi board without much effort at all.
  • High Precision: With on chip high precision oscillator, Bad Pixel correction(BPC), auto exposure/gain, amblent light sensor and zone detection
  • Low Power Consumption: Efficient power usage, making it suitable for battery-powered and energy-efficient applications.

Tech specs

Image Sensor HM0360
Resolution VGA
Optical Size 1/6''
Number of effective pixels 640(H) × 480(V)
Pixel Size 3.6μm × 3.6μm
Support Platform Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi Board
Shutter Type Electronic Rolling Shutter
Color Filter Array Monochrome
Frame Rate 640x480@15fps, 320x240/160x120@30fps
Output Format RAW8/RAW4
F.NO 2.8±5%
Focus Type Fixed Focus
Focal Length 2.59mm
Field of View(FOV) 64°(D)
Power Supply AVDD: 2.8V; DOVDD: 1.8V; DVDD: 1.2V
Operating Temperature -30~85℃
Camera Board Size 30.5mm x 30.5mm


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