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Nano Screw terminal adapter (3 boards pack)

Code: ASX00037-3P   /   Barcode: 7630049203464

A robust and solderless solution for your next project. Perfect for long standing installations using any Arduino Nano board.



Build robust projects with secure and long lasting connection without the need of any soldering combining the Nano Screw terminal adapter and any of the boards from the Arduino Nano family.

Perfect for your next IoT projects

Build Arduino Nano board based projects with secure connections using screw terminals and in case you need to add some extra components, you can use the prototyping area.

Quick, secure and ready for extra prototyping
  • Quick and secure connection:
    Screw connectors, perfect for solderless and reliable connections for your next IoT project.
  • Prototyping area on the spot:
    8x9 through-hole prototyping area for extra components.
  • Double row of pin headers:
    Leaving a free row on each side of the board, with additional quick connections using jumpers.
  • Thin pin headers:
    Reduced overall thickness (total thickness including Nano board is less than 15mm)
Getting Started

The Getting Started section contains all the information you need to configure your shield, use the Arduino Software (IDE), and start tinkering with coding and electronics.

Tech specs

Board Name Nano screw terminal adapter (3 boards pack)
SKU ASX00037-3P
Connectors Screw terminals 32 screw terminal connections (3.5 mm pitch, 16 ˜ 30 AWG)
  Connector sockets 2 double row sockets with 15 contacts each (2.54 pitch)
Prototyping area 9x8 grid (2.54 mm pitch)


Weight 29 grams
Width 50.5 mm
Length 70 mm


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