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Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*

Robot with 58mm Omnidirectional Wheel & Smart Car Chassis Kit

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Mobile robot chassis with Omni wheels that you can use for building your roobotic project. 


The three-wheel drive omnidirectional wheel platform uses omnidirectional wheel technology for omnidirectional motion. It includes vertical and lateral movements.
The main part of the car consists of three motors and three omnidirectional wheels. The motor adopts photoelectrically encoded DC geared motor with high precision.
A two-layer triangular platform that frees up the number of layers to provide more space, such as controllers, sensors, cameras, and other electronic devices.
Suitable for users DIY, very good Omni omnidirectional wheeled car learning chassis! It is also suitable for the development and application of robots in businesses and schools.

With this omnidirectional wheel platform you can design and make indoor mobile robots, you can use ROS robot operating system to learn, use motor encoder for positional closed loop, use high-precision gyroscope and laser radar or camera, realize robot by SLAM algorithm.
With your favourite Arduino development board you can develop and start designing your own robot with autonomous navigation!


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