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Grove - High Precision Barometric Pressure Sensor (DPS310)

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Barometer detecting is very useful in enviromental sensing or altitude measuring. Try the Grove Barometer sensor!


Grove - DPS310 is a high precision barometric pressure sensor, it can measure air pressure change caused by height changes in the centimeter level.

Typical Applications:

  • Indoor Navigation (floor detection e.g. in shopping malls and parking garages)
  • Health and Sports (accurate elevation gain and vertical speed)
  • Outdoor Navigation (GPS start-up time and accuracy improvement, dead-reckoning e.g. in tunnels)
  • Weather Station('Micro-weather' and local forecasts)
  • Drones (flight stability and height control)

Tech specs

Operating Voltage 3.3V / 5V
Operating air pressure 300 to 1200hPa
Precision ±0.002hPa
Interface I2C,SPI
I2C Address The default address is 0x77
When short-circuited, the address is 0x76

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