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  • J-Link EDU Mini classroom package

    Get the J-Link EDU Mini, offering the same functionality as the J-Link EDU but in a reduced form factor. The J-Link EDU Mini Classroom Edition includes twelve J-Link EDU Mini units on special offer...

  • SEGGER 50-Mil 10-Pin Patch Adapter

    Adapts from the standard 20 pin 0.1" J-Link connector to the standard 10-pin 0.05" Cortex-M connector that is also used on many non-Cortex-M designs but with non-standard pinout. SEGGER J-Link deb...

  • J-Link 19-pin Cortex-M Adapter

    The J-Link 19-pin Cortex-M Adapter may also be used to connect J-Link to a non Cortex-M target as far as the target connector uses the same pinout as shown below. By default, TRST is not connected,...

  • J-Link PLUS Compact

    Get the SEGGER J-Link PLUS Compact debug probe: a compact version of the J-Link PLUS. Mounts securely & unobtrusively into development and end user equipment. Based on 32-bit RISC CPU, it commu...

  • J-Link BASE Compact

    SEGGER J-Link BASE Compact:   Supports a broad range of microcontrollers  Supports direct download into RAM and flash memory Multiple CPUs supported—8051, PIC32, RX, ARM7/9/11, Cortex-M/R/A, R...

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