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Arduino Junior Certification Bundle

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Certify your basic knowledge of programming & electronics.


When students get Junior Certification, it demonstrates their aptitude, skills, and experience, not only with using Arduino components, but with programming and the subject matters they have learned. Junior Certification also provides educators and parents with an opportunity to assess their students’ or child’s level.

Junior Certification is the first tier in the Arduino Certification Program, which enhances students’ personal skills while providing official recognition throughout their development.

The exam is multiple-choice and taken online, and provides official certification for those aged 14+ on knowledge of Arduino-related electronics and programming.

The exam is based on topics covered by the Arduino Student Kit and the Education Starter Kit (you only need to use one of these kits, not both). Topics covered include electricity, circuits and schematics, Arduino IDE and boards, electronic components, and programming. The more students have used the kit, the better their chances of gaining Junior Certification are.

The exam is available in English.

What is Junior Certification?

Junior Certification is an online multiple-choice exam that can be completed from any computer with access to the Internet. It consists of 25 questions with a 60-minute time limit.

Students receive their results immediately after submission, indicating whether they passed or failed. Passing the exam will grant students the Arduino Junior Certification certificate.

There are two ways to gain Junior Certification:

  1. Arduino Junior Certification Bundle: Includes the Arduino Student Kit, access to the online exam and one attempt to pass the exam. This option costs €73,50 / USD 86,20  (before tax). 
  2. Online access to the exam only: This option includes access to the online exam with one attempt to pass the exam and costs €20 / USD 20 (before tax).

Key learning values

  • Test students’ knowledge of electronics
  • Current, voltage, digital logic, and programming
  • Check how well students understand Arduino

Product benefits:

  • An opportunity to assess your students’ work
  • Affordable way to certify skills
  • Boost students’ confidence in STEM subjects
  • Take the exam online anywhere, at any time
  • A springboard to more challenging learning with Arduino

What’s included?

You can buy Arduino Junior Certification in two ways:

  1. As a bundle, including the Arduino Student Kit, access to the online exam and one attempt to pass.
  2. Access to the exam only with one attempt to pass. 

Tech specs

Exam includes the knowledge you get from using the Arduino Student Kit -  the basics about:

  • Electricity
  • Programming Syntax
  • Electronic components
  • Arduino IDE

Get Inspired


Can I use the Arduino Education Starter Kit instead of the Student Kit for Junior Certification?

Yes, you can use the Arduino Education Starter Kit to pass Junior Certification. However, since the Arduino Education Starter Kit is designed to be reused year after year, we don’t sell this kit as a bundle with the Junior Certification. You can, however, buy the exact number of certifications you need for each class separately each year.

Will Junior Certification be available in any other languages? 

Yes, we plan for more languages to be available soon.

Is there an age limit to take the Junior Certification exam?

The recommended age is 14+. However, to have an Arduino account, candidates must be at least 16 years, and they will need parental or legal guardian consent if they are under 18, or in some countries if they are under 21. Alternatively, students under 16 can use Google, Apple, Facebook and GitHub Accounts to sign in to Arduino.

Read the full FAQ here.

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