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Build & Code Your Own Handheld Virtual Pet!


CircuitPet is a DIY virtual pet similar to Tamagotchi. This gadget teaches about RTC (real-time clocks), microcomputers and other electronic components, TFT LCD displays, embedded programming, video game mechanics, coding in C++. 
Like any other pet, you can play with it, take care of it, love it and help it grow!

Unlike other pets, you can take a break from CircuitPet. But even a digital pet can break down if you leave it without love for too long. Don't let your duckie rust! 
Check-in every once in a while to make sure it has everything it needs to be happy.

No prior knowledge needed.

6 Pre–loaded Mini–games

  • Collect XP with fun minigames
  • Keep your pet happy
  • Keep the rust away
  • Level up your character

Tech specs

In the box, you will get:

  • Main circuit board
  • Acrylic casing
  • Anyard
  • Pushbuttons
  • Metal bolts
  • Brass spacers
  • Black buttoncaps
  • Piezzo buzzer
  • Li-Po Battery
  • Female pin header
  • Male pin header
  • Display board

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