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Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*
Free shipping on orders over 90€ to Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain!*
Winter Sales

Winter Sales

New year, smarter projects

Winter Sales

New year, smarter projects

Winter Sales

  • TS80P (more) Soldering Iron (EU)

    TS80P controller is made of aluminum alloy through CNC into a compact structure and high-tech design, ergonomic, beautiful and fashionable. S80P is a smart soldering iron powered by USB Type-C® PD...

  • Arduino® Organic Crew Neck Sweatshirt A/W 22

    A classic grey sweatshirt with long sleeves with the Arduino logo printed on chest. The shirt is produced with 6 recycled plastic bottles. 80% recycled cotton 20% recycled RCS Polyester 100% Ardui...

  • Arduino® Patches Kit A/W 22

    Multiple designs representing the iconic elements of our brand for carrying the Open Source passione literally everywhere.

  • Arduino MKR Therm Shield

    The MKR THERM Shield allows a board of the MKR family to acquire temperatures from a thermocouple of type K and a DS18Bxx digital one wire sensor. The Thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor t...

  • DC/DC converter with adjustable 1.5-35V output

    Step-Down DC/DC switching converter, with particularly small dimensions (48.35 x 23.35 x 14 mm), capable of converting a DC voltage between 3 and 40 volts into an output voltage from 1.5 to 35 volt...

  • Makey Makey Classic

    Make STEM fun with the invention kit for everyone! Start out easy with a banana piano, then draw your own game controller, build musical instruments, sneak a cat selfie, and dance like never befo...

  • 5.5 V 1 watt solar panel

    Output voltage: 5.5 V, maximum current: 170 mA, connection: red-black cable with JST connector.

  • ROCK 4 Model C + 4G

    The ROCK 4C+ is a reliable, multifunctional and high-performing single-board computer based on a robust Rockchip RK3399T SoC, Dual Cortex® A72 CPU and Arm Mali™ T860MP4 GPU. Developed by OKdo Techn...

  • Arduino® Organic Hoodie A/W 22 - pink

    A cozy millennial pink hoodie with printed long sleeves and a hood. Certified Organic in conversion cotton this product contributes in accelerating the growth of organic cotton production year on y...

  • USB-C to HDMI multiport adapter with ethernet and USB hub

    The AC7042 USB-C 3.2 Gen1 4K Multiport Dock turns a notebook into a complete work station by connecting only one flexible USB-C cable. This multiport dock extends the notebook with a 4K monitor vi...

  • eMMC module 32GB for Rock

    eMMC is an advanced flash memory solution that benefits from fast speeds and supreme power efficiency. It’s the definitive solution for a huge range of electronics, such as smartphones, and tab...

  • Coastal Living Model Kit

    The Arckit Coastal Living scale model building kits lets you imagine a day in the surf from the comfort of home! (Scale 1:50 / 1/4) Ideal for Budding architects from age 7 years old to create and ...

  • GO Eco Model Kit

    Ideal for Budding architects from age 10 years old to learn all about sustainable architectural design while using eco friendly building methods and materials. GO Eco is the perfect STEM & STE...

  • A100 Model Kit

    Ideal for Budding architects from age 12 years old to learn all about contemporary architectural design while using advanced building methods and materials. Arckit A100 is the perfect STEM & ST...

  • A200 Model Kit

    The A200 building kit comes with:  200 Arckit pieces (Architectural building blocks).   37 x Reusable Arckitexture decals (including white louvres, light timber, bricks and vegetation).  43 x ...

  • A3 Building Plate

    Product material: cardboard paper Double-sided (green/white) 100% Arckit compatible Plate dimensions: 400x275x3mm  Recommended for age 5+

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