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Arduino MKR M-BUS Slave Shield

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Meterbus (M-BUS) Slave extension for Arduino MKR and Portenta boards.


Arduino MKR shield expand your Arduino MKR with functions for smart metering via meter bus (M-BUS). With the M-BUS Slave Shield you can read consumption meters with a so-called P1 customer interface (e.g. electricity meters in Austria). You can also use the Slave Shield to create your own meters for the M-BUS (e.g. to provide self-recorded data for an M-BUS master).

Tech specs

M-Bus (meter bus) slave node:

  • based on the TSS721 M-Bus Transceiver IC from Texas Instruments
  • communication with Arduino MKR board via UART
  • isolated interface
  • can be combined with any Arduino MKR board or Portenta H7

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