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J-Link EDU Mini classroom package

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SEGGER J-Link EDU Mini is a version of the SEGGER J-Link EDU debugger in a reduced form factor with identical functionality.

It has been designed to allow students and educational facilities as well as hobbyists access to top of the line debug probe technology.


Get the J-Link EDU Mini, offering the same functionality as the J-Link EDU but in a reduced form factor.
The J-Link EDU Mini Classroom Edition includes twelve J-Link EDU Mini units on special offer. Designed for education purposes and hobbyists, it provides access to top-of-the-line debug probe functionality. With a tiny form factor (18mm by 50mm, similar to a USB stick), users can enjoy full functionality.
It is JTAG and SWD supported and can only be used for non-commercial education purposes.

Other Details:

Various cores are supported by the J-Link EDU Mini. Find a complete list of supported cores here. J-Link also allows applications to access a CPU simultaneously, such as being used in parallel as a debugger. Like all SEGGER products, it is cross platform working on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Box Contents:

  • 12 units of J-Link EDU mini
  • 12 .05" 19-pin target cable
  • 12 .05" 9-pin target cable
  • 12 Micro USB cable

SEGGER J-Link debuggers are the most popular choice for optimizing the debugging and flash programming experience.



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