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Solar Panel Charge Controller - 10 A

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Charge controller for photovoltaic applications controlled by a microcontroller and capable of operating automatically at both 12 and 24 V.


It allows to provide the right degree of current to the batteries protecting them from an excess of discharge or charge in order to prolong their life cycle as much as possible.

Attention! use only with 12 and 24 V solar panels.

It protects the battery from polarity reversal, automatically enters protection and locks when the load current exceeds the regulator’s range. In case of short circuit, it enters protection and it overload protection.

To avoid complete battery discharge, the regulator will automatically disconnect the load at a certain voltage that cannot be less than 11.2 V for the 12 V battery and 22.4 V for the 24 V batteries. 

Tech specs

  • Nominal voltage: 12 V / 24 V automatic detection
  • Maximum current: 10 A
  • Maximum solar panel input voltage: 41 V
  • Cut-off voltage: charged battery: 13 V (at 12 V) - 26 V (at 24 V) discharged battery: 11.2 V (at 12 V) - 22.4 V (at 24 V)
  • Reconnection voltage: 13 V (at 12 V) - 26 V (at 24 V)
  • Voltage drop: < 170 mV
  • Dimensions (mm): 133x70x35
  • Weight: 150 g

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