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Two Wheels Balance Car chassis with JGA Motor Kit

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Code: TPX00011   /   Barcode: 110090264

Assemble your balance car and mini Segway!


The kit uses JGA25 DC geared motors and optical encoders for higher motor control accuracy and double-layer acrylic plates for easy placement of sensors and development boards.

With this kit you can assemble your balance car, a mini Segway, or your personal project. Select the right sensor and development board and maintain the balance of the body by controlling the rotation of the motor. With this kit you can learn the PID algorithm and learn how to control the motor.

Tech specs

Motor voltage 3-12V
Motor current 120mA @12V
rated power 2W
specified load
Blocking current 3.5A 
Stall torque 8kg
No-load speed (without deceleration) 32rpm/min
Encoder accuracy 360CPR
Reduction ratio 1:34
Encoder voltage 3.3-5V 

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