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Place your order in time for the holidays! Check our shipping policy for details.
Place your order in time for the holidays! Check our shipping policy for details.

Robotis Mini

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The ROBOTIS MINI is a programmable miniaturized humanoid robot which allows you to integrate concepts explored with the DYNAMIXEL (XL-320) actuators, OpenCM9.04, an Arduino-based IDE Board, and Bluetooth Connectivity. 


The ROBOTIS MINI can be programmed using RoboPlus Task (R+Task), a graphical, drag-and-drop programming tool based on C++.
You can also create complex motions or choreography using RoboPlus Motion (R+Motion), a motion-editing tool.
You can download the free ROBOTIS MINI APP on your Android or iOS smart device which comes with pre-programmed moves. Students can explore 3D Printing concepts with the ROBOTIS MINI by 3D printing their own frames for customization!

The ROBOTIS MINI offers a challenging but fulfilling building experience.
The kit includes a fully-colored assembly manual that not only provides detailed assembly instructions, but also provides building tips.


  • Compatible with ROBOTIS 6mm colorful frames & rivets
  • DYNAMIXEL XL-320 actuators for various motion functions
  • Various range of sensors and parts to add onto ROBOTIS MINI to accomplish and carry out different missions (Color, Touch, Temperature, IR Sensor, Magnetic, Temperature, and many more)

Programming Support:

  • R+Task: A graphical drag-and-drop programming tool based on C++.
  • R+Motion: A motion-editing tool, to create various motions or choreographies.
  • OpenCM IDE: An Arduino-like IDE designed specifically for programming the ROBOTIS MINI controller (for more advanced C-based programming)
  • ROBOTIS MINI App: Buttons, Gesture, Voice Recognition to control or change movements

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