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Winter Sales

Winter Sales

  • €11,00

    Note: This item is a kit which requires assembly and soldering. Different Arduino MKR Shields can be used via our HAT as an extension for the Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, Arduino offers different Arduino boards for different IoT networks like Sigfox, Lora, NB-IOT. These boards can be used as a mo...

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  • €31,20

    The DFRobot Solar Power Manager series are designed for IoT projects and renewable energy projects, providing safe and high-efficiency embedded solar power management modules for makers and application engineers. This medium-power high-efficiency solar power management module allows you to charg...

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  • €11,20

    We have standardized all the connectors into 4 pins(Signal 1,Singal 2,VCC and GND) 2mm connectors and keep some of the 3pin(Signal, VCC and GND ) 2.54mm headers for Servo and Electronic Bricks , which simplify the wiring of electronics projects. The 4pins buckled connectors also make the wiring s...

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  • €17,50

    Off-white t-shirt with the iconic Arduino logo. Certified Organic in conversion cotton this product contributes in accelerating the growth of organic cotton production year on year and supports farmers. *Please note that the values of the size chart are indicative

  • €200,00

    Watermark sensor measures on a range 0 – 239 cbars, no maintenance, frost resistant. The Watermark sensor is a rustical tool, accessible, that doesn’t need maintenance. Simple to use, accurate, pertinent. “Simple to use” does not mean that taking irrigation monitoring decisions can be done withou...

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  • €102,60

    DT71 has a unique ternary structure, which can be separated into controller, testing arms and tweezer tips, flexible to be replaced and combined. 360° rotatable with OLED screen, visible at all angles. Smart gesture recognition, automatically identify left/right hand operation and adjust screen d...

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  • €67,00

    Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic pulses, and by measuring the time of ultrasonic pulse reaches the object and back to the transducer, the distance of sensor from the target object is calculated. They are widely used in detecting displacement, thickness, distance, water level, material level and...

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  • €5,10

    The enclosure is designed to snap together securely with no tools required. You can still press all the buttons and slide the switch thanks to a clever plastic widget fitted inside. The case winds around all the touch pads so you can still touch them or attach alligator clips. On the back, we ha...

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  • €48,00

    Adapts from the standard 20 pin 0.1" J-Link connector to the standard 10-pin 0.05" Cortex-M connector that is also used on many non-Cortex-M designs but with non-standard pinout. SEGGER J-Link debuggers are the most popular choice for optimizing the debugging and flash programming experience.

  • €142,80

    The complete solution for holding and measuring your circuit board. PCBite is the perfect tool for handling your PCB during the design process. Powerful magnets combined with a stainless steel base plate provide flexibility, mobility and user-friendliness. The holder can easily be relocated to d...

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  • €499,90

    The ROBOTIS MINI can be programmed using RoboPlus Task (R+Task), a graphical, drag-and-drop programming tool based on C++. You can also create complex motions or choreography using RoboPlus Motion (R+Motion), a motion-editing tool. You can download the free ROBOTIS MINI APP on your Android or iOS...

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  • €51,90

    Do away with many components, using one companion. Compact and feature-packed. Out of the box, TIMI simulates many typical components used in most breadboard based projects. Save time (and money) by using TIMI to replace messy wires and expensive components for your projects. Whether you’re a ho...

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  • €32,00

    The J-Link 19-pin Cortex-M Adapter may also be used to connect J-Link to a non Cortex-M target as far as the target connector uses the same pinout as shown below. By default, TRST is not connected, but the Cortex-M Adapter comes with a solder bridge (NR1) which allows TRST to be connected to pin ...

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  • €8,40

    Contrast to the ordinary relay, this latching relay does not need continuous power to keep the state, only a rising/falling pulse is needed to change the work state. The power can even be removed when the work state do not need to change, making the module especially suitable for low-power projec...

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  • €23,30

    The Mates Stand offers a simple connection for a MatesBUS compatible device, such as the TIMI-96. It eases development by propping the MatesBus compatible device up on an angle (35 degrees off vertical), aiding development when standing on a desk or bench. The Mates Stand breaks out the ten sign...

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  • €130,80

    Spencer is a DIY voice assistant that talks, lights-up, connects to the internet, and understands simple voice commands. He also has a funny personality, tells jokes, and finds new ones online. The LED display on Spencer’s face has a 144-pixel LED grid that can show data, custom icons, animations...

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  • €138,00

    During the assembly, users will get familiar with each component of a game console and explore their functions. Assembly is fairly simple and does not require any tools or special skills. No soldering is needed to make Pyxa work. Resolution of Pyxa is 128 x 160 pixels and it is capable of displa...

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  • €398,00

    SEGGER J-Link BASE Compact:   Supports a broad range of microcontrollers  Supports direct download into RAM and flash memory Multiple CPUs supported—8051, PIC32, RX, ARM7/9/11, Cortex-M/R/A, RISC-V  Download speed up to 1 MByte/s Supports unlimited breakpoints in flash memory, additional l...

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  • €318,00

    Creoqode Lyra is a handheld game console. Powered by Raspberry Pi CM3L (Compute Module 3 Lite), Lyra will be your game console, personal computer and entertainment system at the same time.  Lyra brings all the history of video gaming in the palm of your hands. It can virtually emulate any g...

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  • Sold out

    The DFRobot Solar Power Manager series are designed for IoT projects and renewable energy projects, providing safe and high-efficiency embedded solar power management modules for makers and application engineers. Solar Power Manager is a complete small power and high-efficiency solar power manag...

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  • Sold out

    Grove - DPS310 is a high precision barometric pressure sensor, it can measure air pressure change caused by height changes in the centimeter level. Typical Applications: Indoor Navigation (floor detection e.g. in shopping malls and parking garages) Health and Sports (accurate elevation gain ...

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  • Sold out

    Build up a simple environmental monitor station with this multi-function environment sensor! Based on the combination of CCS811+BME280 chip, this module features high accuracy, I2C interface, and fast Measurement. The BME280 can provide temperature and humidity compensation for CCS811 to improve...

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  • Sold out

    What does “P” mean? “P” is for “panel mount” in this product. This Grove – Button is a sister version of original Grove - Button. They are identical except the Grove connecter is moved to the back so that you can easily use it as a neat and wire-free human interface device.

  • Sold out

    Compared to LCD, OLED screens have a number of advantages such as high brightness, self-emission, high contrast ratio, slim / thin outline, wide viewing angle, wide temperature range, and low power consumption. Features: Grove compatible Interface Communicate Mode: I2C Low power consumption...

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